Sifu Chua Kah Joo

Sifu Chua Kah Joo is the Founder and Dean of this training centre. He learnt Wing Chun Kuen from Sifu Joseph Cheng back in the 1970s. Showing great skill, he was bestowed a lineage holder under Sifu Joseph Cheng.


He went on to learnt under Sifu Nino Bernardo and founded Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy in Streatham, London, and Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy in Maidenhead, UK in 1986. Sifu Chua Kah Joo  taught countless students in England before moving back to Singapore where he put down roots and established Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre (WCKTC) in 2000.

Daryl Yeo

Daryl Yeo is the Head Instructor in Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre. He started learning Wing Chun Kuen 8 years ago under the wing of Sifu Chua Kah Joo and was awarded the official title of lineage holder in 2012. 

Besides teaching at Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre (WCKTC), Daryl also teaches at his own school, Daryl Yeo Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre as he wishes to increase awareness and promote the martial art.

Michael Goutama

Michael is a Senior Instructor, as well as the Principal of Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre. He started learning Wing Chun since 2009.  Under the guidance of Sifu Chua Kah Joo, Michael has developed in-depth knowledge and skills.


Sam Catlin

Sam Catlin first trained under Sifu Chua Kah Joo in 1982 and he is the UK lineage holder. Sam has since shown tremendous improvements in his skill in Wing Chun Kuen and is a formidable opponent. He now teaches Wing Chun in China's Tianjn Yinghua International School. 

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