Promoting students interest in Chinese culture, Maris Stella High has organized an International Martial Arts Fair where they have invited four martial arts discipline - Silat, Wing Chun Kuen, Akido and Tae Kwon Do.

At the Fair, each martial art disci...

It was the first time that Police Intelligence Department invited us to celebrate Chinese New Year with them.  In the celebration, we introduce Wing Chun Kuen to them through a performance of the Wing Chun Kuen forms, the drills and the application t...

WCKTC invited Guro Robert Guerrero to conduct "The Art of Stick Fighting" Seminar for students who were keen.

WCKTC was invited by National Technological University, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering to enhance the awareness of Wing Chun Kuen Martial Art.

*Event open to NHG staff only.

Wing Chun Demonstration by Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre
Watch and learn during the demonstrations, and participate to earn stamps and redeem rewards!  

Date: 16 September 2016 (Friday)

Time: 2pm to 5pm


Nino Bernardo, Sifu Chua Kah Joo's master was here in Singapore for a 2-day seminar.

A Demonstration & Workshop by Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre Sifu Chua Kah Joo:

An Introduction to Wing Chun Martial Art 

Date: 7 March 2009 (Saturday) 

Time: 4pm to 5pm

Location: The Plaza, National Library 

Wing Chun Workshop and Talk by Sifu Chua Kah Joo:

Kung Fu, Health & Life

Date: 31 August 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm to 5pm

Location: Nagapuspa Theatre, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The workshop at Science Park was a great success, the participants were attentive and enthusiastic about learning. 

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