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Trial Lesson at Talents N Thrivers @ Tradehub 21 on November 29, 2023 @10.30am


Our instructor, Rae Tan conducted a trial class at the Talents N Thriversfor cildren between the age of 7 to 11 years.

The objective of the trial class was to expose Chinese Traditional Martial Arts to the children, especially immersing the children into the culture and discipline of the Art. Wing Chun Kuen provides a good platform for the children to understand power does not come with brute force and biulding their courage to face problems (confrontation) directly rather than hiding away.

Wing Chun Kuen incorporates defence and strikes together to avert on-coming violence. This is done with minimal exasgeration of body movements where students just need to refine their natural body movements into their very own uniques defence mechanism. Children will find it fun and purposeful as they can appreciate the simple body movements that can be converted into tactical manuever with just some enhancements.

Rae managed to get the students to do the 3 main basic forms of Wing Chun Kuen - the stance, the Tan Sao and the Punch. The students love the "Buddy Drill" where they can try their moves on each other. The class ended with Rae elaborating more abou Wing Chun Kuen where the students were in awe just on the mention of the incumbent Wooden Dummy. So we are hoping the students will take the trial class further!



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