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A Sparring Session

Operation Days & Time

Group Class (Adults and Kids)



Saturdays & Sundays:          


7:30pm – 9:00pm

9:30am – 11:00am

The Singapore Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre (WCKTC) holds 3 classes a week and operates on a flexible learning structure where students have the option to choose any class of the week for training. 


Classes are conducted differently for the day with each focusing on a different program of training:

Thursday Class focuses on enhancing techniques

  • Sensitivity Exercises

  • Techniques Coaching

  • Combo Techniques Training

The program is especially for students who need more training on techniques learned and also improving their sensitivity skills.


Weekend Classes (Both Saturday and Sunday) are regular classes

  • Wing Chun Kuen Forms

  • Wing Chun Kuen Techniques

  • Wing Chun Kuen Attack and Defend System

Regular classes provide the syllabus training of Wing Chun Kuen in a systemic way for students to learn and upgrade themselves.

The Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre is closed on:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Public Holidays and Eve of Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year.

There are 2 main Breaks

1) 1-week break during the Chinese New Year period (Eve to 4th day of CNY), and

2) 1-week break in the second week of June.

Annual Membership Fees for all students: $120
Wing Chun Group Class (Adult and Kids)
Applicable for persons above the age of 8.
Group Class (Adults)                                
4 classes/mth (1 month validity)      
8 classes/mth (1 month validity)
Unlimited classes (1 month validity)

Member Fees

Non- Member Fees







*All classes will include a registration fee of $50 which includes a school T-shirt

*Choice of class days are flexible for the month

Description of a typical Class Session:

All classes are taught by Sifu Chua Kah Joo and his instructors.  Students will be exposed to both the traditional and modern aspects of Wing Chun Kuen training. They can expect to learn the forms (empty hand, wooden dummy, and weapons) and be guided to focus on structure, sensitivity, coordination, and agility. Sifu Chua will pick one technique inside the form to explain the practicality and the scientific concept behind it to students in every class.   Sifu Chua will also display the execution of Wing Chun Kuen, together with the psychology involved in specified self-defense and combat scenarios.   


All classes start with warming-up exercises like stretching and joint mobility exercises to improve students' flexibility and muscle strength.  Classes are closed with cooling-down stretching to ease the muscle and ligament tension that are built up during the training.


part of our regular class

As one of our training objectives, we hold a 1-hour sparring session for all our students on the last Sunday of each month from 10am to 11am.

This will enable our students to constantly challenge their own personal way of training in this traditional martial art system.   Thereby, forcing them to continuously discover their own inner self and open themselves up to a more in-depth understanding of the Art.  More importantly, these sessions serve to help our students to match their own commitments with their own expectation.

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