April 18, 2020

Level Grading 2020

There will be 2 grading to be held this year for students who are serious to advance into the various levels laid by the school   The grading is a useful process for the students to guide themselves and measure their own learning and progression.   It is also a formal affirmation from the Sifu in awarding the grade that the students have achieved.

May 16, 2020

WCKTC Internal Tournament 2020

Turn of the Decade Challenge is Here !

This competition has run consecutively for 3 years now. The main aim of this competition is to focus the practicality of Chi Sao, Pak Da and Mun Sao.  It serves to provide students the opportunity to pit what they have learnt so far in a fast and changing environment where the opponent will put his best to oppose or transfer any oncoming force.

It does not matter if you are new students or have been learning for years.  Any student of WCKTC can feel free to join as our seniors are there to guide and ensure there is no unnecessary aggression involved in the competition.  Participants will be screened and placed according to their skill levels.   

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Welcoming 2020!


Happy New Year to All  !

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