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ONE FM 91.3's attempt on Wing Chun Kuen


We were surprised to receive a call from ONE FM 91.3 when they are planning to explore Wing Chun Kuen. Their task is to produce a clip on their DJ's try-out session at WCKTC.

The clip include a interview session with Sifu Chua by their DJ where Sifu Chua introduces the basic moves of Wing Chun Kuen and its core principles.

The filming session was conducted on April 11, 2022 at 2pm at our Kwoon, with WCKTC Committee members providing support. The session was an eye-opener into the making of filming. There are many scenes taking and also different angles of content capture. Presenters involved are required to repeat the action and/or speech to achieve the intent of the content that the Director needs for the clip production.

Below is a glimpse of the filming session. Look out for our updates for the ONE FM 91.3 clip where it is giving away a free trial lesson to their fan.



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