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Traditional Wushu Relay @Our Tampines Hub on February 18, 2023


This event is organized by Our Tampines Hub and Tampines West CSN. It is a whole day event from 9am to 5pm. Altogether, 8 traditional martial arts, including our Wing Chun Kuen were invited to present their arts and hold introductory sessions for participants who would like to explore outside their comfort zone. They were :

1) 客家拳 (Ke Jia Quan) 陈元鑫师傅 2) 海南拳 (Hai Nan Quan) 符福文师傅 3) 六合拳 (Liu He Quan) 周叶文师傅 4) 黄河流域 (Huang He Liu Yu) 周桐师傅 5) 风阳拳 (Feng Yang Quan) 郭良鑫师傅 6) 少林拳(Shaolin Quan) 郭志锋师傅 7) 五祖拳(Wu Zhu Quan) 黄福全师傅 8) 永春 (Yong Chun) Nelson Kuah

The event was also attended by our Sifu Chua together with Siheng Mohan, Michael and our passionate committee members. We took the opportunity to introduce our up and coming Instructor Nelson Kuah, where he lead the session for the event. His casual style coupled with his passion for the art and frankness in guiding students, encourage many participants to expand their curiosity of Wing Chun Kuen. It was definitely a new and fun experience for all in WCKTC!



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