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WCKTC Open House on March 19, 2023 at 9.30am


On March 19, 2023, we hosted an Open House for all Wing Chun enthusiasts to come and train with us. This was held especially for students who have been learning under our WCKTC's instructors outside WCKTC, to come to our Kwoon and train under Sifu Chua.

It was a great opportunity for all WCKTC students to come together and interact with one another, besides earning the valuable experience of learning from Sifu Chua himself personally. The rare opportunity of having Chisau with others, who are not your usual classmates brought huge discovery from the usual moves and feelings that the students were used to. Also having the chance to learn from different WCKTC instructors helped the students to open up any rigid perception of what Wing Chun Kuen is.

The Open House also welcomed new interests who were able to come down for the session. Everyone, all WCKTC students and new comers expressed their delight and were looking for more of such session. The success of this Open House truly warms the heart of Sifu Chua and those passionate WCKTC instructors and committee members. Suddenly, all WCKTC students can see and appreciate Sifu Chua's dedication in passing on the WCKTC's legacy.



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