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2024 WCKTC Open House on March 9, 2024 at 9.30am


2024 WCKTC Open House started with Sifu Chua welcoming all the students who trained under the WCKTC Lineage outside and inside the Kwoon. Students taught outside the Kwoon by Instructor Daryl and Instructor Rae made up the majority of the participants for the Open House.

Students taught outside the Kwoon are especially delighted to have the chance to be guided directly by Sifu Chua. The Open House session was started by Sifu Chua, where he went though the WCKTC traditional warming up moves and punches. He also took the opportunity to reiterate the importance of strengthening one's body's muscle and flexibility, as that help the students to relax when executing the moves.

Rae Tan, our WCKTC Lineager holder, was then presented to the class by our Sifu Chua as one of the significant pillar in carrying on the WCKTC Lineage Wing Chun Kuen. Sifu Chua briefly talked about the importance of the Wing Chun Kuen's culture, which students cannot neglect when training the traditional Wing Chun Kuen martial arts.

All the students attended the session were delighted when Rae Tan continued the session with 16 intercepting hands. These are new to many of the students and these provided them another good avenue to hone their Wing Chun Kuen moves. In addition, the rare opportunity of touching hands with students learning outside the usual class was a great platform for them to cross examine themselves in their own understanding and executing of the moves. Many senior instructors were present at the Open House, and they drove up the vibrancy of the session where many insights were shared with the students.

On the whole, the WCKTC Open House affirmed the passion of students and dedication of the WCKTC Instructors.



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