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Structure Readiness Workshop (2) by Siheng Mohan on Sep 4, 2022 @11.30am


The second round of this workshop started with a dive into developing a reasonable stance, as often a student with a weak stance will fall into the trap of using brute strength to make a technique work. The more time they spend doing this, the harder it becomes for them to learn the movement correctly.

A good stance is a balance between stability and mobility. If the stance is too low will lack mobility, and vice versa where if the stance is too high a student may also lack balance and therefore power. They may be pushed over, as they will find it difficult to absorb the incoming force. Body shape, flexibility and muscularity will vary between different people. Hence, students must experiment to find their stance that can give them power without restricting any movement.

It is only through a good stance that dynamism of the Wing Chun's power can be generated without brute force. The skill of directing ones energy is through forward intention through one's center-line of the stance. It is not easy to understand. However, as a student's skill develops, he/she will sense more energy flowing through their body.

Siheng Mohan extracted the turning moves from Chum Kiu to show how to turn and move sharply. He went on to display how the efficiency in turning and moving can be converted into intercepting oncoming force without much effort. The fun for all participants in the workshop came from the sliding shift between 2 extremes - enlightenment and bewilderment. The move is almost effortless! The irony is just that we need to strive and commit to training in order to move effortlessly!

The last segment of the Workshop touches on Wing Chun kicks. Wing Chun emphasizes the importance of keeping balance when kicking, otherwise the opponent may be able to grab your leg, or move in and push you over. Wing Chun basic kicks include the low heel kick, stamping kick, low side kick, snap kick, medium thrusting kick and hook kick.

The Wing Chun kicks save time and conserve energy, and can be very powerful. They can be used to bridge the gap between you and the opponent. It also trains you to use your legs at very close range. All the Wing Chun kicks are simple, direct and practical, and therefore could be used in many real self-defence situations.


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