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Basic Self-Defence at South View Primary School on July 7, 2022 from 3pm to 4pm


We were happy to be invited by South View Primary School to conduct a short Basic Self-Defence class for their Boys & Girls Brigade students on July 7, 2022. Despite being informed only 1 week before, we sprang into action without hesitation which was greatly appreciated by the school.

This is our first foray into a School which usually has a vigorous and strict process to follow in engaging outside vendors. We were lucky that WCKTC is renowned with more than 25 years of experience and reputation, which make it possible for us to conduct the class for their curious and active students.

Sifu went with Rae and Poh Yin to take the students through this new experience. Sifu used simple but effective basic movements to interest and motivate the young students to follow and execute the self defence moves. Students were very new to this and their face all lit up with excitement when they manage to execute the self-defence move. They almost went into a frenzy when they can try their kicks and punches on life dummies - Rae and Poh Yin. Both of whom wished they have brought along the wooden dummy.

Nevertheless, it was a fun adventure for both students/teachers and us too. The exuberance and curiosity exuded from the young students brought a whole new level of conducting a martial art class.. This rare occasion is a great learning experience for us and further ascertain our commitment in carrying on the WCKTC lineage.

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