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Structure Readiness Workshop by Siheng Mohan on May 29, 2022 @11.30am


Chi Sau skills are elusive to many students due to the high accuracy in the angle of body posture required and also the intensity of strength needed to hold the structure.

Siheng Mohan was generous enough to share his experience and knowledge with WCKTC students and also the committee members about the "magic" involved in Chi Sau. Siheng Mohan was very detailed in breaking down the mechanics involved in the structure and the strength applied in the Chi Sau training. This greatly simplified the learning and enable students better grasp the skills in clear progressive steps.

Just the basic stance took extreme focus in controlling the specific muscle and joint that we seldom took notice of. The discovery of these muscles and joints, and managing the control of them are definitely an arduous task for many of us. The fact is that if we choose not to be accurate in our posture and moves, we are giving up the efficiency of the Wing Chun Kuen Martial Art. Either way is a tough learning curve.

The turning moves are exciting as we uncover the secret behind the sharpness in both defending and attacking without using brute force. It is almost effortless! The irony is just that we need to strive and commit to training in order to move effortlessly!

Siheng Mohan is currently Sifu's most senior student, who learnt many other forms of Art from Sifu Chua beside Wing Chun Kuen. His gentle demeanor often belie his ability in taking down any opponent, big or small in a blink of the eye without them even registering it. Luckily, he always choose to avoid the confrontation. It is because of his kindness and ability to compose himself, Sifu Chua is able to impart most of his mastery to Siheng Mohan.



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