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The Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre (WCKTC)'s Committee is a group of like-minded senior students of WCKTC who have come together to work towards promoting Wing Chun Kuen as an art and culture in Singapore.  Sifu Chua Kah Joo's constant pursuit of Wing Chun Kuen not just as an art but also as a way of life, do intend for the culture and legacy of WCKTC to carry on for a long time through the Committee.


The committee members are all not only WCKTC students but also disciples, having been inducted under Sifu Chua's lineage from the Traditional Fujian Wing Chun family tree, which is recognized by China's municipal in Fuzhou as their traditional intellectual property.  All the committee members come from different professional fields, such as advertising, creative, finance, trading, shipping, logistics, and airline.  Together, the committee members employ their interesting combination of skills to assist Sifu Chua to carry on the WCKTC's legacy which started in 2000. 


Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre has grown into a renowned training centre with a focus on Wing Chun's culture and structure mechanics, which form a robust foundation for people who pursue the art.  Wing Chun Kuen's deep-rooted 5 principles - Simplicity, Center-line Alignment, Facing the Point of Contact, Economy of Motion and Forward Intention, benefit anyone who carries these principles beyond the Art and into their way of life.  

Stated below are our ex-committee members who have greatly contributed their efforts towards the growth of Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre. 

1) Mark Tham                      6) Celeste Pang                           

2) Bert Oh                            7) Idy Cheong

3) Chandra Mohan               8) Celeste Pang

4) Philip Yuen                      9) Norman Lim

5) Elizabeth                         10) Uditha Ekanayake

Chua Kah Joo

Founder & Dean

Michael Goutama


Wong Poh Yin


Daryl Yeo

Head Instructor

Alson Thong.jpeg

Alson Thong


Ken Lee

Committee Member

Hwee Yan

Commitee Member

Rae Tan

Assistant Instructor

Mark-Committee Member.jpeg

Mark Ong

Committee Member

Teo Teck Heng

Committee Member

David Ling

Committee Member

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