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Pointers on Knife Self Defence by Siheng Michael on mar 13, 2022 @11.30am


This is the first for our dedicated WCKTC Committee members!

In order to expand the exposure of our committee members and also to strengthen the bond among them, we conducted a special session specially for our committee members only to edge them on to rethink how they can use their Wing Chun Kuen skills that they already have.

Our Siheng Michael was very passionate in sharing what he has appreciated from Wing Chun Kuen in the form of Knife Self Defence. Those committee members who are able to make it for this special session were very glad they attended as they have begun to see Wing Chun Kuen's practicality outside the training arena. 2 hours of sharing session with Siheng Michael were just the tip of the ice-berg, and those who attended were left begging for more.

Surprisingly, we have ex-committee members and students who were not committee members who join us for this first special class. Our Siheng Michael was really gracious to allow them to participate as he wants them to understand and appreciate Wing Chun Kuen and also the value of being a WCKTC Committee member. Siheng Michael hopes more students and even ex-committee members can put in their part to help promote WCKTC and spread the teaching of Sifu Chua.

Definitely after this first special session for WCKTC Committee members, all are now looking forward to the upcoming sessions planned for the year 2022.



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