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Special Class - Warming up to 6 1/2 points Pole on December 12, 2020

Everyone was excited for the chance to hold a weapon - the Pole. It has been the dream of many martial arts students to advance themselves to the weapon stage, which may not materialize if not enough time and practice had been committed. Hence, it was a rare opportunity when our Sifu Chua is willing to open up the opportunity for his students who are not advance in skills but have the right commitment in learning Wing Chun Kuen.

In his quest to promote the Wing Chun Kuen and its culture, Sifu Chua tasks himself to have his students at least get acquainted with all facets of the Art. Thus, the development of the Special Class series. He is hopeful that his students can have a chance to master the skill in the future once they can commit the time and dedication to the practice.

In this special class series - 6 1/2 points Pole, Sifu Chua introduced the famous Long Pole made famous by the Wing Chun Kuen practitioners. He demystifies the legendary notion of the Pole with the basic principle of holding and wielding the Pole, the Wing Chun Kuen way. Why the long and heavy pole? How to use the pole in a narrow space to fend off oncoming attacks?

Just holding the Pole, already get many students thrilled with the Power that they have never experienced before. It is managing this Power that students realized foundation is important. The intricacy of the right body structure together with the use of mechanics of body movement is required to generate Power with the 6 1/2 points Pole.

Students attended this special class are now more motivated to put in more effort in practising Wing Chun Kuen empty hand forms. This is exactly what Sfu Chua hopes to achieve!



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