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WCKTC Lineage Induction Ceremony on April 6, 2024

This is the 2nd batch of WCKTC students whom Sifu Chua has accepted as his official disciples under the WCKTC Lineage in Singapore. They will automatically fall into the group of the 9th Generation of Fujian Traditional Wing Chun Kuen, as Sifu Chua is the 8th Generation Disciple of the Fujian lineage.

It is not often that Sifu Chua will hold a ceremony to grant discipleship to students. Being a disciple and a student is totally different, where disciples will have to go into the various aspects of learning WCKTC martial arts under Sifu Chua. The guidance is a life long mentorship that go beyond the fee-based instructorship. All the WCKTC Seniors are excited and happy to welcome Sifu Chua's new disciples into the WCKTC family. Together, the WCKTC family is dedicated to promote the well-established WCKTC lineage started by our Sifu Chua.

Separately, these new disciples accepted by Sifu Chua, will in turn have the opportunity to be officially acknowledged as the 9th Generation Disciples of the Fujian Traditional Wing Chun Kuen. To do this, they will have to go through the induction ceremony held during the Annual Induction Ceremony at the HQ in Changle, China. This annual ceremony is usually held on the 2nd Saturday in June of the year. This year, it will be held on June 8, 2024.



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