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WCKTC Level grading

Every year we hold 2 gradings for our students who wish to upgrade their skill level.

Goal setting is important in all walks of life,  WCKTC grading system is implemented to allow and guide students by breaking the long arduous journey of learning Wing Chun Kuen into small manageable, and progressive steps. 


It also allows students to get feedback on the progress of their skill efficiency from Sifu Chua, where he will point out to the students the areas to focus on for improvement. 


Wing Chun Kuen is a traditional art form where its culture is very important too.  Besides skill sets and techniques, Sifu Chua also trains students to be respectful, disciplined, and spirited.

Each grade is a buildup on its previous level for students to progress not only their art but also become more knowledgeable about their own temperament and learning capacity.  

Basically, Grading provides the guidelines for you to know what you are capable of, what your strengths and weakness are, what you really want, and how you interact with other human beings and the world at large. 

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