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Everyone had Fun with the Taiji Exchange Class!

Sifu has invited Sifu Ling who is an expert in Taiji for a friendly exchange at WCKTC. Sifu Ling is also an avid practitioner of Wing Chun, while also a renowned Osteopathic Physician with a clicnic of his own.

Sifu Ling brought his students and along with 2 other Taiji masters who are also teaching Taiji. WCKTC students who attended the Exchange had a great time learning and testing their skills with Sifu Ling's team.

The exchange session ended on a high note where everyone was reluctant to leave until there is an intention to plan for the next session. Thank you Sifu! Thank you Sifu Ling and your great team!

#SchoolEvent #WCKTC #WingChunKuenTrainingCentre #ChuaKahJoo

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