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The Instructor Award Ceremony marks the most important milestone for Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre. It officiates and recognizes WCKTC’s students who have succeeded in completing the full Instructor course conducted by our Sifu Chua, and who have also provided outstanding guidance and support for all our students. On this day, Sifu Chua awarded 17 disciples who now make up our first batch of WCKTC Instructors.

Also on this day, Sifu Chua handed out WCKTC Lineage Titles to his 3 very special disciples. The WCKTC Lineage Holder is a prestigious title in Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre, where all WCKTC instructors and students hold regard and respect.

The first holder was Daryl Yeo Feng Rong who was accorded the title in 2012. Mohanchandra, Michael Harigie Goutama and Rae Tan are the 3 new WCKTC Lineage Holders who are selected based on the following 3 criterias.

  1. Enthusiasm: He has shown passion and patience in training and also teaching the art to students at the training centre.

  2. Respect: He has due regard to not only Sifu Chua but also everyone at the training centre. He also exercises discipline with his perseverance in his training and guiding his juniors.

  3. Confidence: He applies his skill effectively and efficiently with the concept taught by Sifu Chua.

They will continue to improve and maintain his skillset technical proficiency within the art’s principles taught by Sifu Chua. Also they will always strive to carry on Sifu Chua’s teachings and values in their training and social communities, where they endeavor to maintain a calm mindset and respond to confrontational situations with wisdom and integrity.

Lineage is a concept that connects all of us to the past. The Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre’s lineage legacy is a series of connections that bind all students together as a group, a “family” entity.

The legacy of Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre can be traced from the events and happenings with its origin starting from Fujian to UK to Singapore, and to the forms and moves that are being taught right now in the Kwoon / School. WCKTC is the acronym of Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre. Its Lineage structure is a branch out from the main Lineage branch of Wing Chun Kuen Martial Art history starting from Abbess Wu Mei. The official records of this main lineage branch are held under the Traditional Fujian Wing Chun family tree. Traditional Fujian Wing Chun with our Grandmaster Joseph Cheng as its ambassador, is recognized by China’s municipal in Fuzhou as the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China.

The WCKTC lineage starts from SIFU CHUA to his specially selected disciples who are designated as the WCKTC Lineage Holders. These lineage holders together with the WCKTC Committee Members form a STRUCTURE that holds all its main GUARDING “family” members. These GUARDING “family” members will provide the main motivation and the direction to guide all students of the WCKTC lineage. With this platform, Sifu hopes the teaching of Wing Chun Kuen martial art will continue and go beyond his times.

The ceremony concluded with a SPECIAL MENTION of Ken Lee who has contributed silently and generously along the whole way since he joined WCKTC. Sifu Chua handed his "authority" - the POLE to Ken Lee along with an appreciation certificate. The Pole signifies the Discipline of Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre, where the culture and traditions are respected by all WCKTC students. Now, Ken Lee is our "discipline master"!



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