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Special Class - Wooden Dummy Introduction on September 13 & 20, 2020

Students were very excited when the Wooden Dummy Introduction Special Class were presented. We had to create another class session. We had 2 class sessions of this Class that catered to a total of 20 students.

This Special Class introduced an opportunity for students who have practiced Wing Chun Kuen for quite sometime, but have yet to reach the Wooden Dummy stage. This class creates a platform for WCKTC students to experience the expertise skillset taught with the Wooden Dummy. This in turn helped students to understand what they are working towards to and why they are practising the way they are now.

As the students are juniors, Sifu Chua breaks up the whole Wooden Dummy syllabus into 4 segments. He will pick 1 segment to expose WCKTC students every year so it will not be too daunting for them. This Special Class aims to give juniors the experience and basic understanding of the techniques that are practised with the Wooden Dummy.

It is no wonder that WCKTC students are looking forward to the next 3 segments or 3 years!



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