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WCKTC Beginners Initiation Course July 17, 2021


Learn Self-Defence & Stay Fit!

Despite the tense period in the mid year 2021, we managed to conduct our Beginners Initiation Course on July 17, 2021 instead of June 19, 2021. Though a few participants back out due to their growing concern for the possible Covid-19 infection, we still had a handful participants who stood by to continue their exploration of Wing Chun Kuen,

We managed to start the course on July 17, 2021 but had to hold off for 2 weeks due to the new outburst of infection cluster in mid July, 2021. The 4 lessons Introductory course was completed on August 28, 2021 with the participants still hyped up. Rae Tan was the main instructor for this course and he was assisted by Alson and Yong Qiang. Both instructors, Rae and Alson are marvelled by the participants' enthusiasm. The course was filled with fun and practical application of some basic Wing Chun Kuen moves, much to the delight of the participants. It was also refreshing for the instructors and the assistant, where they learnt the constraints and new perspective from the participants as someone who has never been exposed to any martial arts or self-defence system.

The success of this Introductory course in spite of fewer participants, paves the way for WCKTC to continue efforts in promoting Wing Chun Kuen as self-defence system but also as an Art with its culture!



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