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WCKTC ChiSao Competition on March 20, 2021


After an inactive 2020 year, we are glad to hold the ChiSao Competition successfully for our students.

This competition is special as we have to consider the Safe Distance Guidelines. This year is the first time we launch a Live Online Streaming on our Facebook. It opens up a whole new platform for our students and friends to be able to have the first hand viewing of the Competition, and also able to communicate one another during the whole session.

The Competition was well executed under the strong management of our very experienced and fine Referee, Michael, who is also our WCKTC Principal. All participants had a great adrenalin pumping and exhausting time. Everyone walks away injury free!

Of course, Rae, one of our committed and ardent supporter of all our WCKTC's competitions, came our the WINNER of this Competition! His strong center line defence and skilful maneuvering provide participants the valuable experience and understanding of what is a forceful confrontation, outside of the usual training environment.



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