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WCKTC ChiSao Competition on March 19, 2022


We just had hosted another WCKTC ChiSao Competition successfully for our students.

This year we have new students who participated in the competition. Again this year, we stream the event online via our Facebook as we limit the number of spectators in Kwoon. This year's competition was interesting as Sifu Chua and Siheng Michael gave impromptu advice to guide the competitors for a more "sticky" ChiSao.

Special mention has to be given to our new WCKTC Committee member, Zhang Yong Qiang, who has solely coordinated and executed this year ChiSau Competition. He is attentive to details and planned well to recruit helpers to conduct the competition and also to stream the event live. Of course, live streaming would not be possible without our WCKTC Committee member, Tony Chen.

Do check out the videos of this Competition on our Facebook.


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