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WCKTC Chi Sao Competition

What is Chi Sao

Chi Sao or “sticking hands” is a term for the principle and drills used for the development of automatic reflexes upon contact and the idea of “sticking” to the opponent (also known as “sensitivity training”). In reality, the intention is not to “stick” to your opponent at all costs, but rather to protect your centerline while simultaneously attacking your opponent’s centerline.

In Wing Chun, this is practiced by two practitioners maintaining contact with each other’s forearms while executing techniques, thereby training each other to sense changes in body mechanics, pressure, momentum, and “feel”. The increased sensitivity gained from this drill helps a practitioner attack and counter an opponent’s movements precisely, quickly, and with appropriate techniques.

Chi Sao Competition?

The Competition is a platform for all WCKTC students to test what is "Sticky Hands" in a dynamic and intense situation.  Chi Sao technique is not designed as an analog for real combat. it ingrains the principles stated above so that they can be applied to real combat drills and ostensibly to real combat

Given that real self-defense situations are high pressure, forceful encounters with wild punches, and strong clinches, reactions need to be instantaneous and effective. Therefore, students can reap valuable experiences from the Competition and expand their understanding of the core concept of Wing Chun Kuen, the Center Line! 

So don't miss this Great Opportunity to find your center line in an ever-changing, volatile, and un-premediated environment! 

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