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WCKTC special class

acupoint (TCm)

Acupoints are also known as Pressure Points.  They can be used to heal oneself or kill one's opponent when the right force is applied on the right spot.

How you use your knowledge of these special intricacies of the human channels and points is all up to one's own perspective.

At WCKTC, we choose PEACE!  Have a strong body and mind are more important than anything in the world.

We need a healthy body and mind to appreciate the beauty and benefits of what Life presents to us.  Without it, everything is futile.

So learn these 

  • How to find the relevant acupressure massage points to stimulate them


  • How to apply acupressure massage techniques


  • How to relieve back pain, sciatica, neck pain, upper back pain, lower back, knee, and shoulder pain


  • Understand the root causes of certain pains and how to manage them

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